About Trinity Stone Construction

Since 2018, we’ve brought lasting energy independence to over 350 homeowners, along with energy-efficient roofing and exterior renovation. How do we make solar and renovation sensible and affordable? Here’s why the Trinity Stone model is different:

  1. Offer all major brands of solar panels
  2. Provide consultation and installation of solar equipment
  3. Combine roof and outdoor living to maximize savings through tax credits.

With our team on your side, you get the lowest solar prices and best financing options in Texas.

How We Make Modern Living Simple

Accurate estimates, flexible financing, and upfront pricing

Manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of solar panels and batteries

Complimentary construction and renovation services

Partner with a local, veteran-owned company

Want to work with a trusted local installer with a history in the market? Go solar, improve your home, and save money with renewable energy and efficient construction. It’s worth taking the time to get things right.

Our Services

Solar Installation

We focus on the long-term success of our customers, standing by for maintenance and assistance in every aspect of energy independence.

Roof Repair and Replacement

Our first priority is assessing the current condition of your roof. Do you need repair or replacement? Is it necessary for energy efficiency? Get a simple, fact-based recommendation before you decide, whether it’s a simple repair or a full roof replacement.

Outdoor Living

Once upon a time, North Texas was famous for its architecture. Strip malls and developments have damaged that reputation, so we’re bringing true contemporary style, beauty, and utility to outdoor living projects. We’ll work with you to bring your dream outdoor living space to life.


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