Commercial renovation and construction planned, managed, and executed for maximum R.O.I.

Trinity Stone Construction Group is a local commercial renovation contractor with deep roots in the DFW market. We’re capable of any commercial project, from ground-up construction to interior remodeling, and we save you money. 

  • Get weekly budget, timeline, and performance monitoring.
  • Build with end-to-end support, from permit and insurance to design, planning, estimates, and quality controls.
  • Increase the value of your property with custom interior and exterior renovation, property improvements, and custom additions.

Bring us on board for exterior and interior renovation and remodeling and custom builds for industrial, office buildings, warehousing, storage, multifamily, and retail storefronts. 

Local business is good business.

How we keep costs low and quality high.

Trinity Stone Construction works closely with owners, engineers, and other construction consultants to lower costs and maintain quality.

  • Pre-Construction: Get engineering, construction, and materials options that fit your budget.
  • Quality Control: Meet every two weeks with project managers to review the timeline and monitor costs.
  • End-to-End Project Management: From conception to completion inspections, we implement proven budget tracking, scheduling, estimating, and control of contractors and suppliers.

Get the job done right with a commercial renovation contractor that’s local, honest, and accountable.

percent of repeat clients

Warehouses, offices, clinics, and storefronts revitalized

Add solar installation to any commercial renovation for real R.O.I.

Trinity Stone Construction employs a dedicated team of financial experts with connections to banks across the state and country. Solar installation offers generous tax breaks and credits that reduce the life-time cost of projects significantly. Be sure to ask us, and we’ll explain the benefits in plain english. 

We’re Texas-born and veteran-owned. Let’s get to work.



Do you offer financing?

Of course. We provide financing for all of our services free of charge, from solar installation to home renovation. If you have budget concerns, just ask. We’ll find a solution.

Are you a full-service commercial contractor?

Yes. We’re problem solvers, so if you need a contractor to ensure R.O.I. for any project, you know who to call.

Do you offer insurance and permit assistance?

Absolutely. Which permits and the type of insurance coverage will depend on where your project is located and what kind of project it is. We know the process.

On the permit side, we’ll ensure that renovations comply with building codes and city and local regulations, whether it’s renovation, remodeling, building, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical.

How do you keep projects on budget?

We like to start with a consultation, get a clear idea of the scope of work, and agree on a realistic budget. Then, we bring detailed cost estimates for materials, labor, permits, and any additional expenses.

What’s most important is keeping an open line of communication. If there’s a change order, we’ll have to account for that. Our project management team is the finest in DFW.

How long will it take to complete my project?

That depends on the scope of the project and the materials that you and our team of designers choose. The first time we meet, we’ll give you an estimate.

Still, we keep timelines shorter than other contractors because we’re responsive and our processes are efficient: inspections, quotes, and project planning happen fast. Work starts sooner; projects get completed faster.

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