We handle the grants and funding. You save 90% on solar projects. Here are the facts.

Solar energy used to be a business problem: Invest cash. Hope for savings. The situation has changed in favor of business owners who would typically be averse to risk.

  • Fact #1: USDA R.E.A.P. Grants cover 50% of solar installation.
  • Fact #2: Federal Investment Tax Credits cut 30% of the total cost of solar installation off of what you owe in taxes.
  • Fact #3: Federal depreciation averages 25% on a five-year schedule for energy-efficient projects.

Add buybacks and local incentives, and the savings can reach 90%. For solar installation and end-to-end support through the grant and funding process, contact us today.

With a payback period of one to three years, solar energy is an opportunity that is real and achievable for businesses that want to save money and gain a competitive advantage.

Does your business qualify for solar grants and tax credits?

Yes, your business qualifies for the USDA R.E.A.P. Grant if you operate in a city with a population of 50,000 people or less. It is a check made out to your business from the federal government, and you do not have to pay anything back.

Yes, qualifying businesses are eligible for the Federal Investment Tax Credit. To be clear, that means 30% of the project cost is removed from your tax bill.

Yes, federal depreciation applies immediately for all solar and energy efficiency projects that are accepted under the grant.

When to apply and how to apply is where we come in. Trinity Stone is simply the best company in the United States at seeing solar projects and savings through.

Percent of your total project cost covered

Businesses approved for USDA R.E.A.P. Grants

We’re veteran-owned and do straight business.

Trinity Stone Construction is a locally-based solar and construction business built by veterans. This does not earn us your business, but our experience and tenacity certainly should.

When the government picks winners and losers, you need to move first. So, let’s be aggressive and get your project paid for.

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