What’s your vision? We’re here to listen.

Our mission is to help fellow Texans gain energy independence, live closer to nature, and protect what may be the most important investment of your life: resilience in the face of an uncertain future.

What’s your vision? Maybe it’s just about saving money on energy and improving your home. We’re here to listen.

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Talk to a local expert for detailed information on solar energy, premium roofing and construction, and fine outdoor/indoor living.

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Do you offer financing?

Of course. We provide financing for all of our services free of charge, from solar installation to home renovation. If you have budget concerns, just ask. We’ll find a solution.

Can I get an estimate for the cost of solar panel installation?

Yes, and it’s an easy process. Give us a call and we’ll send out one of our solar experts to take a look at the property, evaluate the size and type of solar array you need, and come up with an estimate.

Estimates vary based on location, square footage, and environmental factors. Typically, the cost comes in at anywhere between forty and sixty thousand dollars. We control our materials and handle the installation, so we can work with you.

How do I know if I need a roof repair or replacement?

Great question. The average roof requires replacement every 20 years. However, there are a number of factors that can affect the lifespan of your roof. A few factors include original materials, quality, and workmanship as well as climate and weather conditions.

Typically, you’re looking at a repair, though storm damage and solar installation often call for a replacement. Replacement is a lot less invasive than it sounds. We'll send a roofing expert to your home to assess the condition of your roof.

Will you help me design my outdoor living space?

We can design, spec, and build anything you can imagine—as long as it fits on your property and adheres to local codes and ordinances (which we know inside and out). The possibilities are endless, and you can speak with a design specialist to bring your ideas into reality.