How to Find a Good Contractor for Remodeling

by | Apr 5, 2024 | Home Remodeling

Do good contractors exist? Absolutely. How about bad contractors? Yes, there are plenty of them. As a homeowner, the challenge is to tell the difference between good and bad before the project starts. So, we’ve identified five key signs, behaviors, and services to look for if you want to know how to find a good contractor for remodeling.

  1. Established online presence
  2. Easy to contact and responsive
  3. Offers free inspection and quotes
  4. Handles permits and insurance claims
  5. Licensed and willing to prove it

Let’s expand on the five points listed above in a little more detail. 

1. Look for a contractor that’s established online.

Even if you get a referral from a friend, you should verify that your contractor has a reputable presence online.

Start with a basic internet search, then look at reviews from Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp. Do not take reviews at face value. Read them individually and evaluate them as a whole.

If there are too many glowing reviews without much detail, odds are you’re looking at fakes.

Good contractors will pay for a website and a phone number.

Contractors are in the business of construction and remodeling, so you should expect a contractor to take their business seriously. That means looking good online.

But what do all fraudsters have in common? They’re not fond of publicity. They don’t want to look good or even be seen. Contractors who do bad business are not trying to grow their business; they want to take people’s money.

2. Make sure they’re easy to reach.

You should choose someone who you can easily reach and who communicates clearly.

Give your prospective company a call. If you can get them on the phone without a hassle, that’s a good sign that they’ll keep you informed throughout the remodeling process and quickly address your concerns.

3. They should offer a free inspection and quote.

As a homeowner, you should be able to easily get a free inspection and quote. It’s an indicator that the contractor is serious about the job and believes in their ability to complete it to your satisfaction.

A good contractor’s money will come from completing projects, not inspections or quotes.

4. Find a company that handles permits.

Legitimate contractors want to pull their own permits and will include that cost in their bid.

You should not have to worry about permits. Quality contractors know what it takes to build or remodel in your state and locality.

5. And check that they’re licensed and insured.

When you meet in person for a quote, go ahead and ask for proof that a contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured. Most contractors will be happy to show you that information, and you’ll have that final peace of mind before you undergo a big remodeling project.

A renovation is an investment, so treat it like one.

We often speak to clients who had a bad experience with their last contractor. Most of the time, we find out they went with the first company they googled or heard about from a friend, even if they didn’t like the quote. It’s no surprise when their remodel has problems.

Knowing how to find a good contractor for remodeling doesn’t take much effort, and it’s a benefit that could save you serious time and money.

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